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“Who knows how to see beautiful things is because he has beauty within himself”
Gustave Klimt

omaggio alla bellezza comune di massa lubrense


It was born in a difficult moment, characterized by a pandemic situation that put a strain on the desire to stay close and share opportunities for meeting and socializing and, precisely to give meaning to “renewed freedom”, it was decided to focus on beauty, which attracts all the senses.
Let’s look around…
while we listen to the artists of “Nature in concert” beauty is the music that invades our breathtaking views, during itinerant snacks and visits to farms beauty is the flavor of our typical products, walking through alleys and streets beauty is the story of our story, in the lemon gardens and in the ancient palaces during a pilates and yoga exercise beauty is to breathe the intense scents of flowers and berries of the Mediterranean scrub…
Then we just have to touch how much beauty we can share… by participating to all initiatives!

Il Sindaco 

Lorenzo Balducelli

L’Assessore al Turismo e agli Eventi

Giovanna Staiano 

About Massa Lubrense

Massa Lubrense

“Fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza”.

These are the famous words of a canto of the Divine Comedy (XXVI, Inferno) through which Ulysses invited his traveling companions to go beyond all limits to satisfy the desire for knowledge, the desire to go beyond.
Verses that should inspire any citizen who wants to define himself as active and virtuous and guide him along the paths of his life.
The anecdote is by no means accidental, since the protagonist of the Iliad is inextricably linked to the history of Massa Lubrense.
Legend has it that “the suggestive coasts of the Lubrense territory, seat of the mythical Sirens, … saw the passage of Ulysses’s ships, who would have founded the famous temple of Athena” (L. Sigismondi, Storia di Massa Lubrense).
Massa Lubrense, the extreme point of the Sorrento Peninsula, extends over a vast territory made up of 18 villages that retain flavors and suggestions that have disappeared elsewhere and that not everyone knows.
We just have to immerse ourselves in the legendary and enchanting Land of the Sirens! Massese summer 2022 will be full of interesting events, ranging from body care, through engaging physical activities such as Yoga and Pilates, to leaps into the imagination through fun musicals and exciting concerts dedicated to unforgettable artists of the Italian music scene, such as: Ennio Morricone, Lucio Dalla, Fabrizio De André and Pino Daniele.
The background of these unmissable events will be breathtaking sunsets and fairytale locations.
Among the beauties that our country has to offer there are certainly the culinary ones; in fact there are numerous gastronomic initiatives that aim to make known the typical products of the area that the tourist has chosen as a destination for his holidays.
Emblem of the importance of these products are the characteristics and fascinating village festivals that are held in the picturesque Massa’s villages.
This summer the municipality of Massa Lubrense, also known as the “Land of Lemons” will pay homage to its product through walks in the lemon groves and openings of stands and exhibition spaces.
You just have to let yourself be carried away by the scent of its lemons, by the color of the sunsets, by the waves of its blue flag sea, by the history that transpires from its ancient monuments, by the nature that frames its paths. 
There is no better way to pay homage to beauty than to visit Massa Lubrense!

Il Sindaco 

Lorenzo Balducelli

L’Assessore al Turismo e agli Eventi

Giovanna Staiano 

26th June

Sunday h 7.00 pm

belvedere di borra (TORCA)

Opening concert of “Omaggio alla Bellezza”  NOVAPOLIS ENSAMBLE – wind quintet and narrator “NOTE DA OSCAR” – homage to Ennio Morricone. 


27th June

Monday h 6.30 pm

Starting from  Massa Lubrense’s Pro Loco

Itininerant Snack “ Una Passeggiata al Borgo”

starting from Massa Lubrense ’s Pro Loco and walking along the parc that from via S. Antonio leads to S. Maria dell’Annunziata’ s village. Visit and biological snack at the “Palazzo Raja” farm.

27th June

monday h. 7.00 pm

castello dell’annunziata 

Pilates at Castle

Young woman practising yoga near sea during sunset
The woman with yoga posture on the mountain at sunset.

30th june

thursday h 7.00

the Marciano’ s church terrace

Yoga at sunset

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Pro Loco Massa Lubrense
(passeggiate estive con degustazione, pilates, yoga, merenda itinerante e limoni in festa)

Pro Loco due Golfi
Aquiloni in festa

PROGETTO “Alla scoperta dei borghi”
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“Natura in Concerto VI Edizione” 

 “Serate Lubrensi”

L’arte del sano divertimento 

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